Knowing where your assets are may be the most important function of any asset management system. Whether you are an international company with warehouses across the globe, a growing firm with offices in multiple states or want to track your assets down to the room level,  AssetFactor can help.

To create locations visit the admin tab on the menu of the dashboard or the icon on the top right corner of the dashboard.  

From here select add new and fill in the details about the location. Locations can be updated or added at any time.  Remember - Its your process! so create locations that make sense for you, they can be very specific like " Jon's IT Office, 1st Floor." or more general like "Main Warehouse"

Using Locations with Assets

Every unique asset in your system can be tagged with a location. Creating new locations allows you to tag an asset as residing in it on your System. Assets can then be sorted by location in the Assets tab! To edit the location of an asset follow these steps

Step 1

Select the Assets Tab in the Menu on the Dashboard

Step 2

Select the Asset or multiple assets ( see "Bulk Editing" help document on how to edit multiple assets at once) you wish you change the location on. 

Step 3 

Click Edit on the Operations portion of your Assets details page and select the location in which it resides.