Managing the status and availability of your assets is an important part of any management system. Ensuring that assets are available, and those in poor working order are not dispatched is vital to an efficient workflow. AssetFactor allows you to update the status of your assets and quickly view the status of your inventory. The widget on your dashboard provides a snapshot of the health of your inventory. Clicking on the various pieces of the widget opens up a list of all the assets in that status group.  But what do the statuses mean? Below is an easy guide to asset status


Active - The asset is available for use and is in good working order. 

*Tip: Just because an asset is active does not mean its not checked-out. 

In-Repair - The asset is unavailable and is currently going under-repair or is scheduled for repair. 

* Tip: check this asset for Forms and Jobs to determine what task have been performed or are waiting to be performed 

Retired - The asset is no longer in use but  is yet to be disposed. Retired assets are still on the companies ledger. The Asset may be used for parts or for demonstration. Storing the asset may be a contractual obligation, but nevertheless out of service. 

Disposed - Asset is no longer linked with the company. The Asset is longer in possession of the company, but a record of ownership is preferred or required.