AssetFactor Mobile is a mobile application optimized for powering AssetFactor on your iPhone, iPad or iOS enabled devices. AssetFactor Mobile is a streamlined extension of the desktop app. AssetFactor Mobile gives users access to some of the major features of AssetFactor, while providing the range and mobility of a handheld device. The best part is that your iPhone can replace your scanner or automatic identification hardware simply by using the camera already integrated into your device.

How to Download

1. Visit the iOS App Store on your iPhone.

2. Search “Camcode” and download the app "AssetFactor"

3. Contact your administrator to request a username and password.

4. Once you receive permission from your administer, log-on with the

credentials provided to you.

5. When prompted, give AssetFactor access to your phones Camera.

* This is imperative to use all the apps features. You can always give access manually by visiting Settings > AssetFactor > Camera and toggling to the "ON/Green" setting. 

Main Features

Search - Initiated from the button left corner of the app, you can search for a particular unique ID, bar-code or asset. Once found, you can perform any number of operations such as editing the asset, checking-in/checking-out the asset or changing its status or location.

Add Asset - When you need to add assets in the field, AssetFactor Mobile allows you to efficiently create a new asset and add it to your inventory. Selecting the "Add Asset" button opens your camera to scan a new Unique ID/Bar-code. Scanning your newly tagged asset will create a new Unique ID and prompt you to select which Asset Type if belongs to. Next you can fill out the subsequent information you have chosen to collect (see Templates help article for more information on selecting data fields)

Scan - Selecting this feature automatically opens your phones camera and turns it into a fully functional bar-code reader. By pointing your camera at the bar-code on your asset, AssetFactor will find the asset without even requiring you to click a button. Once you scan your bar-coded asset, you can perform an edit, check-in/check-out or change status or location.

Scan Multiple - Users looking to check-out multiple assets to a single user or who are looking to quickly edit a batch of assets can use this feature to quickly and efficiently perform there operation.